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LINE UP - Saturday 28.07.2007

ATB, (Germany)

ATB’s each track contains both different and unique style. Everybody knows the feeling of hearing any song and associate it with its performer. Andre Tannenberger decoded, however to create his music using different mood nad style but neverheless it is still similar to ATB’s style.Thanks to This uniqueness Andre have gained popularity as a producer. ATB is the perfect example of the band which bewilders their fans.

After recording five albums, Andre became a leading musician and artist. Moreover, he cooperated with other musicians such as Heather Nova, Moby, William Orbit and Micheal Cretu.
But why ATB band is so unique? Andre cam mix trance and ambient elements. Andre makes music which includes tracks of melancholy an relaxing sounds.

With the song ‘Till I Come’ Andre bacame famous all over the world. His next album ‘No Silence’ is a reflection of the next change of ATB’s style. ‘Marrakech’ is its best example. It was chosen as the major track in ‘Midhunters’ thriller. The single entitled ’Marrakech’ was recorded with the collaboration of theBritish vocal of Tiff Lacey as well as with Carter Harrison who sang “Let You Go”, “I don’t Wanna Stop”, ‘I Hold You’.
“Today’s pace of life and the stress have a huge effect on people. Music can relax us”, says Andre. “ If You find time to listen to “ No silence” you will understand the real purposes of life and making music. Melancholy, unique rhythms, which are mixed with beautiful female voice let you find peace of mind, explains Andre.

Not only does Andre play music and promote it as a Dj , but also wants to share his knowledge and skills with other people. Therefore, he has set up SEAP ( School for Engineeering and Audio Producing) in Bochum. This is a place for talented young producers where they can find a key to success. It is also a school for broadening their musical mind.

But let’s come back to ATB. “ No Silence’ is the album which you can hear time and time again. It includes the songs which create a kind of unity. There is no break between each of them. The listeners feel the magic of ATB’s songs.

Some facts about ATB.
The name of the band has been taken from A. T. Initials. Andre was born in 1973 in Germany. He was a member of a famous European Group “ Sequential One” as well as “ Dance United”, ‘E.F.F”, ‘Inferno Djs’,” Love and Fate”, “Sound Bluntz”.


New single ‘Destination Calabria’
Crystal Waters comes from New Jersey and she is a computer scientist, which may be quite surprising. In 1991 she recorded “Gypsy Woman”. The track was a top hit on many world famous charts.

She was happy with her success and then she recorded an album entitled “Surprise” It was in 1991. It contained such hits as ‘Makin Happy’ and ‘Twisted’.

In 1994 she released her next album “Storyteller”. It was a blockbuster on all the world’s charts. Both a single ‘100% Pure Love” and the whole album beat sell’s records and it was a hit in the USA and Europe. The album consisted of many other famous tracks such as “Relax and ‘Ghetto Day”.
In 1997 she recorded her third album entitled “ Crystal Waters’. The track “My Time” was the next single which became popular among her fans. Scumfrog was the producer of that album. She enjoyed great popularity among many other famous producers such as Terry Lewis, Eric Morillo, Danid Morales and many others.

She has returned to music scene with new hits. The latest one entitled ‘Destination Calabria” is promoted by the Italian producers Nari and Gaudino. There is also a very controversial video clip. Thousands of hundreds of people hace seen it on the Internet. Crystal Waters have received many awards and appeared in many Tv stations.
A History in short
Platinum Discs for: “ Gypsy Woman”single , “ Surprise” album
Gold Discs for: “ 100% Pure Love” single, “ Soryteller “ album, “ Surprise album”
Crystal Waters has been nominated 4 times to American Music Awards
She has appeared many times on the sreens of many Tv stations.
Her tracks were the top hits on the American Billboard Dance Chart
Her songs enjoyed great popularity on a wide variety of charts all over the world


It was in 1996 when Dj and a producer Ollie Goedicke occupied himself in producing music. When he sent the first demos to the record label their answer was affirmative Yes. One Sunday on July 1996 Ollie ws given a call from the representative of the label who offeredhim collaboration. He informed him that this recording would be put on the medley, which was to be prduced and asked whether he had wanted to improve the piece. Not surprisingly Ollie answered Yes and brought the piece the next Monday just as if had been arranged but had not been titled yet. Within next five minutes he created a name D.O.N.S. What was its meaning? It will probably remain his secret.

The piece that was put on the medley was at the same time his first single as well as D.O.N.S- Drop The Gun. It became a mega hit in clubs and was among the best selling singles in Germany on German’s Sales Charts. In the UK the piece was played from dawn to dusk in all the radiostations. Ollie’s first single was issued by the famous German label Kantor Records that issues D.O.N.S pieces to this day. While creating the news music projects worp Brothers was a success. Ollie was also a producer of such hits as 200 C, “ The God of Hellfire”, “Brain Twins”, “ Voice of Buddah”, “ Disco Nation”, “Kick the Nation” and many more. At the end of 2004 Ollie was recognisable all over the world as a Dj connected with Warp Brothers. He decided to come back to his first artistic alias D.O.N.S. At that time , 2005 made a remake D.O.N.S feat Technotronic “ Pump up the Jam” which originally appeared in 1997. Renewed after 8 years with new sound the piece became a hit once more. It reached the 22nd position of the English Chart “UK Sales Charts”. Great Djs such as Roger Sanches, Pete Tong and Eric Morillo fell for this piece and played it on almost every of their sets for a couple of weeks. It was an unquestionable number 1 all over the worl, especially in the kongdom of club music on Ibiza and Majorka.

Like all the former productions, the new single of D.O.N.S entitled “ Big Fun” issued by KONTOR Records entered the ‘German Dance Charts’ like a hightening and was the second on the list. English Ministry of Sound acknowledged this piece and decided to issue it with a help of the most popular club label “ Hed Kandi”.
The remarkable voice of the singer Terri an extraordinary mix produced by Matthais Menck and Ollie and perfect club remix produced by Michi Lange included all the features consisting in a mega hit apart from the D.O.N.S’s new single. He remixed many other pieces of such artists as Dj Dero’s Illusions Scanners’ ‘Feeling Good” Royal Gigolos’ “ ‘Somebodies Watching Me” and many more.

Ollie is the producer that has new ideas all the time. Recently he has been remixing Antoine Clamaran’s “Relax’ F& Martinengo’s ‘Let’s Get Out Tonight”
And his new single D.O.N.S feat. Gloria Gaynor “Supernatural Love”. He has worked on John Morley’s “ Naughty “as well.

Ollie is a co-owner of such labels as Kingdom Kome Cuts, Kingdom Kome Cuts Black, Dos Or Die Records, Oviations, Blanket Records.


Mr Sam was born in mid 70s, the time when punk music was emerging from rock played on stadiums. He grew up in a small idyllic village near the border with Belgium in the north of France.
Since he was a child he was exposed to the music of Giorgio Moroder, Klaus Schultz and Elvis Presley. Which was the result of his parents’ musical taste. Due to this involuntary contact with electronic music he developed fascination with the muted sounds of the synthesiser. After he had bought his first Depeche Mode’s single he became addicted for good. Yet it seems to have taken him ages to find his own musical equipment.
Due to his fondness for computer games and emergence of technologically created Hi-NRG dance music he was captivated by New Beat music that entered the Belgian EBM scene.

When he was 16 he bacame interested in techno, which came from the underground scene. This interest resulted in his moving to Belgium. When he was 18 he was a popular Dj that was enthusiastically received either in French or Belgian underground clubs.

His club music sound and style have been becoming more and more inspiring as the new editions came out. It was mainly because of the labels such as MFS which issued the first trance recordings in cooperation with such pioneering artists as Cosmic Baby and Paul Van Dyk. It was the beginning og the techno- trance sound that was to be more tuneful.

It wasn’t long before the group of fans gathered around him. After that he was given an opportunity to popularise on of the most famous Belgian Clubs called Rocca. It was his chance to appeal to the taste of monotonous and industrial techno fans.

In the 1990s when trance music was replacing techno Mr Sam played with the top Djs in France, Belgium, Portugal, the Hetherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
He also plyed at such events as legendary and extremely popular festival “ I Love Techno in Gent.
Many excing moments took place behind the decks.One of which is twelve-hour playing with Andry Nalin which made an unforgetable impression on a young and talented Dj.

As there are strong bonds that unify Dj and his fans, Dj always makes them long for more.
In Belgium Mr Sam’s popularity had been increasing in a short period of time till he became one of the best Belgian Djs. He even became a resident Dj at Logoa, La Nova, Tour & Taxi, Pachta. However, he still had to wait for his inetrnational success. Is it possible for a young attractive Dj to go up the ladder of success if the top steps are occupied by such celebrities as Sash, BT, Paul Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk?

In the late 90s the sounds of trance were defined and became as popular as pop music in the 90s. It was the right moment to change and try the new ideas. Mr Sam played and even astonished some of the top names in the busic business. Such famous artists as Carl Cox, Jack de Marseille, Andry Nalin, Danny Howells, Luke Sater, Robert Miles, Parks& Wilson had memoirs connected with him. It was not like that until he started to create his own recordings, which showed that he was talented not only as a song editor but also as a producer. In the meantime, his remixes created for other artists made him a recognised producer.

His first remix was created in 1999 for Diki Records.He also produced remix for Circuit Boy’s The Door, the recording that was widely promoted by Danny Tenaglia and Corvin Dalek. It was also used by Dillinger& capone and Timo Mass’s Mad Dogs and it developed their remixing abilities which led to the dominance of wet& hard together with classic remix Corvin Dalek’s Pornoground. The latter was created on the license of Flesh and soon after that it came out in the UK by MInistry of Sounds’ Data Label, Sinead o’connor, Maria Naylor, Praga Khan, Corvin Dalek, Niels Van Gogh and for some other people.


Kirsty has been in love with music since her childhood. Due to the fact that her father was a respected composer, Kirsty had a contact with various stles of music. They hava had a huge influence on her later career.

In the 90s Kirsty met Kevin Dobbs and Nigel Walton. And they all set up a band called Opus III and recorded a track “ It’s a Fine Day” promoting their first album “Mind Fruit”. It was the top hit on ‘Billboard’ chart. The next album apeared in 1994 and it bacame popular as well.

Soon, Kirsty decided to play her own music. “ Orbital 2” enjoyed great popularity and then it was time to record another appreciable album entitled ‘Brown”.

In the 90s Kirsty had a huge impact on making electronic music. She cooperated with steve Hillage and Global Communication.. Thanks to them she met a musician and a producer Marc Pritchard. He helped her to record her first album.

In 1998 she recorded her first solo album ‘OUT” ( On Ultimate Things). It was a turning point in her career due to the fact that the album was quite personal. Since that time the sounds created by Kirsty have neen more and more frequently used. The sounds, melodies amd lyrics have been adopted by various artists.

Kirsty was involved in creating 4 tracks for Tiesto when he was recording his first 2 albums. In 2001 Tiesto released his first album “ In my Memory”. It included the tracks such as “Urban Train” and ‘Bettleship Grey”which were created with Kirsty’s collaboration. Without doubt she was the person who had influence on Tiesto’s popularity. In 2004 Tiesto’s second album appeared and again Kirsty helped him to create it. They both recorded such tracks as ‘Walking on Clouds” and ‘Just Be”.

Video: Mr Sam feat KIRSTY HAWKSHAW - "Insight"Mr Sam feat. KIRSTY HAWKSHAW - "Split" What is more, Kirsty worked with some other famous artists such as BT, Swayzak, Way Out and Swansea’s Hybrid. She played an important role in the creation of ‘Morning Sci Fi” and “I Choose Noise”.
Now Kirsty meets many well know artists including Tiesto, Mr Sam, Seth Hutton, Jjoy Paradox, Tenichia and Outrage. It has been the most musical period in her career.


He is one of the most talented young Djs and producers. Thomas is only 22 and he comes from Nijmegen, Holland. He has already had a huge impact on trance music. His first own production “ Close Horizon” became popular all over the world when it comes to trance. VANIT, which is one of the most prestigious record companies, was involved in the recording of ‘ Close Horizon”. The tracks were played by some well known Djs including Armin Van Buuren, Marco V, Sander Van Doorn. It was also remixed by Thomas himself and played during many important events. The two other great productions are going to be released this year. What is more, Thomas has recorded some other famous albums. They have contained : “Shadow World” and “ Circa”. His latest production “ Constellation” was the 47th on prestigious ranking of Dj Mag Magazine.

Thomas has been giving many concerts during various events in the Netherlands and abroad. He has been to England, Germany, Japan and the USA. He has met such celebrities as Gareth Emery, Menno De Jong, Simon Patterson, Galen Behr and Lange. It is the beginning of his artistic career but he has already been a star during well known Intuition Events in Holland and WMC in the United States.

Thomas is also the author of radio “ Language Show” which is broadcast on DFM radio on every third Saturday of a month.

It is the second time he has been to Poland during Beach Party. He was in Poland for the first time in January.

LINE UP - FRIDAY 27.07.2007


He was born on 28th February 1979. Since his adolescence he has been showing interests in music. At the age of 16 he started playing record players. Despite this fact he wanted to develop a style which would distinguish him from any other famous artists. Although he didn’t have appropriate equipment to ply, his heart was in it. Later on, ge started searching for better equipment and began using a computer. At the age of 17 he recorded his firsts tracks. Dissatisfied with the two of those tracks, wich were recorded on makeshift equipment, Van Dorn decided to concentrate on making music connected with heavy sounds.

Inspired with techno, trance and progressive, Sander developed a style which was easily recognized. The focus was on dynamic sounds. Soon, he started cooperating with Spinn Records company. It affected with Ron van de Beuken , E-Craig and Randy Katan’s remixes. After that it was time to make his own music. He made his debuit with “ Twister’. Then, some other famous tracks appeared. They were recorded under various pseudonyms.

For 3 years 28-year-old Sander has been called “ the Boy of the Next Door”and he has had the world at his feet. 2006 was a good year for Sander, which for many people could seem to be only a dream. He is the artist who has been given almost everything.

In 2006 Sander appeared three times in BBC 1 Radio including “ essential mix” and live sets from Ibiza.The remix “ When the sun goes down” was one of the most famous hits of 2006. It was the 32nd on DJ MAG TOP 100 list and later on it was the 7th on “ Trance Addict Dj Chart”.


The members of 4 strings are 2 great artists. Jan de Vos was born on 9th August 1974 and Caro Resoort was born on 1st March 1973. They have known each other since 1986. Since the beginning of the 90s they have been interested in club music and started creating tracks which reflected their style. They spent their time recording. They gained experience concerning creating club music and they chose their career paths. Carlo decided to work in a studio and Jan became a Dj. Afterwards, Jan de Vos met Piet Bervoets. Thanks to him he had an opprtunity to join drive-in-show. Since that time, trance has been Jan’s passion. Gaining popularity and experience he has started to work with Carlo again.


He has appeared as a new artists who is plays trance. Although he is only 22, he has recorded many fascinating remixes. A number of fans have been bigger and bigger. He is associated with Intuition Recordings and the person of Jonas Steur. Who is Menno De Jong? His career started in 1984 from recording Guanxi single. Tiesto, Arminow Van Buurenow, Paul Van Dyk, Above and Beyond, Agnell and Nelson like it when they first heard it. It ws thanks to trance sound that he was in leading Dj’s good books and they promoted him as a rising star by including his pieces in their sets. The single Anjunabeats beceme extremely popular mainly for putting it on the internet. Not surprisingly his single Guanxi and subsequent one Tundra were played very often at Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance.

Menno-‘ Tundra” together with Mark Otten’s remixe of ‘So Serena’ wre included to Van Buuren’s 2005 Year Megamix.’Menoo de Jong pres Halcyon-Watermark”together with”Myth- Millionfold”were a new chapter of his career. They were his tracks which were being remixed. Markus Schultz was the first to do it. His version of “ Millionfold” appeared on the 32nd of DJ Mag’s. Is it worth seeing him live? Without doubt YES! Polish club goers are ready to meet him and enjoy his street trance, progressive&technotrance sets. If you want to know what to expect you may listen to him on the air on the Intuition Radio.


There is a lot to write about him but it will be enough to mention that this briliant Belgian producer and Dj is Tiesto’s favourite, What is more, ID&T agency demands his playing during the biggest music events. For Fred Baker the last year 2006 was a special one. It was not even 12 months after Tiesto in concert 2005 DVD that TD&T decided to use the latest Baker’s single as an anthem of Sensation White 2006. It was a hard job for Fred as the former anthem was the hit by Armin Van Buuren, let alone the piece whci was already made and wasn’t meant to be the anthem of Sensation White... Forever Friends came second runner-up on the Holland’s chart of the anthems of Sensation white. Fred Baker comes from Belgium and his real name is Frederick De Becker. Bofore he became an international celebrity he has been developing hid production and Dj’s craft in Belgian clubs. He was discovered by the French which resulted in his being invited to their clubs. His own energizing pieces made either Belgian or French club goers go mad on the dancefloor. His innate modesty prevented him from sendivided his pieces to the music labels.

The real breakthrough in his career came in 1996. Paul Oakenfold his contemporary close friend has invited him to Ibiza. It was thanks to Paul that Frederick became the star of Mystery Land. His piece was made an anthem and Oakenfold played it in his sets. The collaboration flourished-Frederick together with Oakenfold with Oakenfold became the celebrities of the summer in such clubs as Pacha and Space. It was the time when he caught the attention of the group from Carem- the organisers of Creamfields festival- it was in 1996 when Frederick first played in Cream Club. It was a breakthrough. This energizing pieces ackounted for the fact that Pete tong from Radio One wanted to collaborate with him. Tong was captivated by Frederick’s pieces to such extent that he issued by Cream Clubbers Guide , Global Underground. It was the time when Frederick first appeared on the Vila and MTV charts. The next six years of his career were like riding rollercoaster invitations to clubs and on the music events to twenty four countries. His productions were included in the best selling music medleys and singles occupied the top ten of world’s charts.In 2002 Frederick had his position on the global trance scene. He drew up a contract with Virgin Label for whom he produced his next hits. The label involved him into producing the new versions of his former hits and suggested adding the song to some of them. Thanks to Pete Tong, Judge Julse and seb Fountain, Fred Baker have become popular in England.

The interest in Fred rose and he didn’t want to stand idle. He created a great hit Global trance Mission- Dream Mission which became the graetest hit and was played for months by such celebrities as Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong. M. I.K.E or even by Tiesto. No wonder that he was a frequent visitor of cream club. In 2005 Fred drew up an agreement with Magik Music and started to cooperate with Tiesto himself. Baker became his favourite. His contemporary pieces were great hits. Tiesto decided that three of them would be put on his DVD Tiesto in Concert 2005. But it was hot the end. Armin Van Buuren was also cooperating with Baker. In the end he started to cooperate with Paul Van Dyk. The three of the best Dj in the world compete with each other to attack Baker and make him issue his singles in their labels.The most recent Baker’s piece “Forever Friends” was recommended by Armin Van Buuren to bacome an anthem of Sensations White 2006. it is wirth mentioning that year earlier it was Armin’s piece that was the anthem of this most important trance party.

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